Entrance Automation

Entrance Automation

CASOL latest high speed barrier gate,self design and manufacture, highly integrated mechanism and control system, 100% heavy duty operation. Adopts high quality galvanized steel and high class imported traffic powder coated. Dustproof, rainproof and rustproof design, suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It's widely used for applications like parking lot, parking garage, office buildings, industrial parks and residential communities etc.

Swing & Slide Gate

Digital Soft Speed Control System (DSCS)no more using conventional limit switches.Continue running on backup battery during a power failure.Oil bath worm type reducer for maximum life span.Infrared Beam SensorOptional.Automatic Close ControlHigh quality electronic and mechanical components Maximum Safety - DC24V low voltage motor for maximum safety.Overload Detector - Electronic overload detect and rotary sensor to protect user and the machine.


Dual speed design with soft cushion stopping. Commercial grade soft start/soft stop feature increases gate hardware and opener life. Self locking, electromechanical operator, reliable and slient.Double safety protection electronic overload sensor. For more opening space-maximum 6.5meter.

Auto Glass Door Automation

Tripod & Turnstile

CASOL automated (motorized) tripod turnstile, can be easily to integrate with other read/write devices and systems, can fulfill functions like entrance control, time attendance, pedestrian volume control etc. It is widely used for applications like stadium, apartment, gym, museum, station, library and factory etc.